Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Godaddy Forms

Godaddy hosting has two different options: Windows or Linux. With Windows, you are using ASP, and with Linux you are using either PHP or CGI.

In order to make a form in a webpage send you an email with the filled out information, you must:
  1. Have your email set in the 'Form Mail' control panel of your hosted account
  2. Have the code in the webpage "<FORM ACTION="####" METHOD="POST" >
    " where #### will be either the path to the gdform.asp file (for windows) or the path to the gdform.cgi or gdform.php (for linux, both work the same)

Also, it is important to note that after changing your email in the 'Form Mail' control, it takes Godaddy approximately one hour for the update to take effect. So don't get worried if the forms are not sending. Wait a little while.

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