Thursday, May 09, 2013

Mega Man 1

Probably won't find time to revisit this one for a while but it helped me to grow by figuring out a few things. I was staring at some art work by the amazing Daniel Acuna (works on Uncanny Avengers) and his work is very painterly. He does all the art himself, pencils, inks, and colors. He trained as a painter in art school. Analyzing his work, he keeps his colors pretty solid, and uses only a few colors to get the direction of light across. My new work flow from now on should be:
  1. Sketch lines with light blue pencil, cut pieces and transform in order to get it to look right
  2. Ink with thin, accurate and precise lines
  3. Lay down base colors
  4. Choose a direction/location of a light source
  5. Lay down dark and light over the base colors
  6. Go in and add whatever detail is needed to finish it up
Also, don't get too caught up in details, try to move on, time is of the essence.