Monday, October 15, 2012

LoL Olaf

I saw this neat post on reddit about a girl who draws Pokemon according to people's text descriptions of them, and then when finished, she compares them. Awesome idea, I wanted to try something similar. I asked my little brother who is obsessed with LoL to describe a character from that game and this is what he gave me:
Olaf is a blonde bearded viking like warrior, with a steel viking helm, steel horns, covering his whole face except for his eyes, mouth, and beard. His tunic is brown leather and goes down to his waist where he has a huge belt which the buckle is a hexagon shape with silver on the exterior and blue on the interior. Theres like a loin cloth that covers his junk and his thick scarred legs show to right about his calves. He has big boots with white fur on covering his lower legs. His shoulders are covered in white fur attached to his tunic and his biceps show. His gloves cover up to his elbow, where there is more white fur. He wields a one sided axe in each hand.
here is my version:

and here is the real thing:

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