Monday, October 15, 2012

Hoagie from Dott

Did another of these blind description sketches. My friend provided the description:

Ok this is hoagie from dott. You've probably seen it since you've seen the whole Internet, but here goes.

Hoagie is a fat metal head. He has long black hair that covers his eyes but not the rest of his face. On top he wears a blue backwards cap. His visible features include a wide Jew/black person's nose and a mouth with fat cheeks. No ears.

He wears a gray t-shirt with a skull in the center with flames coming out the sides. It doesn't quite cover his fat belly leaving his naval visible, and it tightly hugs the contours of his man boobs.

His hands are in the pockets of his blue jeans, which also fit quite snugly. Although, unbelievably, his legs become skinnier as they go from thigh to foot, so that they look like ice cream cones, with the points touching his feet.

His shoes are black keds with prominent white soles.

Here is my drawing:

And here is the real thing:

Pretty darn close! I hope to go back and make this a refined drawing with more detail some day. I also recorded the session which took about 40min, and i uploaded it to youtube, but increased the speed so that it fits into an 8min video.

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